Valentine’s Day Special!!

On this Valentine”s Day, show some love and help support “TackleKidsCancer”. Also, keep in touch with my site as I will be conducting a “FunRaiser” @ Hackensack Brewery real soon. There will be raffles and beer, and raffles for beer so we hope to see you there!

For now….the first 3 donations of $50 or more will have me buy them a beer at 1-Alementary 2-Brix City 3-Hackensack Brewery. Rush right in and have a beer with me!

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Running Long Branch

I do 7.4 miles of running along the Jersey shore with minor expectations as to what I was going to encounter.

Get to The White Chapel Project. A real cool vibe and the beer was very good.

The Nelson was an over the top IPA that went well as a long run recovery drink. We ordered the Poutine with a fried egg. I should have taken a picture of the dish. It was very beautiful and tasted every bit as good as it looked. Rich and decadent. A true comfort food and much needed following a 7 mile + run. Gravy, beef, cheese curd and french fries. It was just heavenly. The staff at WCP was attentive and so professional. We didn’t want for anything.

Icarus Brewery was solid. Good to see it busy & bustling. Great crowd. Easy conversation with the locals who stand by their brewery of choice. Left there with a couple of crowlers of the Fresh Track Suit. An Imperial Porter. Rich in body and a slight coffee taste. We hoped for other take-out but our choices were too rich or not available as a take-out option.

At the Red Tank in Red Bank…I jumped to the front of a service line for beer un-intentionally. Everyone was so nice as I was so apologetic. But the young man next in line and the bartender nodded and they served me ahead of everyone else. Age has its privileges. I had a most spectacular IPA called Hoptology. A surprise for the end of the night. Spectacular bitterness, juicy overtone, clean finish. The brewery was Hopping (no pun intended), local flavor, young kids and families. Everyone was just so nice. Very cool vibe.

Keep running, keep your soul fresh, keep drinking local Jersey beers and keep celebrating a life well lived!


A Little Bit O” Christmas

Took a Friday ride to Kearny to visit a throwback bar called “Snug Harbor”. My suggestion would be to show up there in a bathrobe and relax. Shannon greets you at the bar with a big “ol’ Irish smile. A nod of the head from all the locals says welcome and the craft offerings did not disappoint. The Mast Landing Stout was rich and flavorful while the Magnify Twinings IPA was juicy and strong. Conversation was lively and jovial around the bar as this collection of hard-workers celebrated another week of labor well done. My wife and I walked out of Snug Harbor refreshed and our faith in the human spirit re-invigorated. Take a trip there and tell Shannon that the running couple sent you!


Ambulance Brew House

Take a break from your X-mas shopping and get to the Ambulance Brew House ASAP.  Hill Farmstead Double Galaxy is on tap and makes a hop-head like myself dance to Christmas music.  I love galaxy hops and the juicy full-bodied flavor of this beer was a perfect dance partner.  At 8% and a 12oz. pour, it was just enough to relax and take in the beauty of the Christmas decorations of the brew house and its over-all Christmas spirit.  Hill Farmstead really nailed it!